12 mei 2024


14:00 - 16:30

Carrie Tree concert

Afternoon Concert With Carrie Tree – 12 May
We welcome UK Singer-Songwriter Carrie Tree to our beautiful Oude Synagoge in Raalte, to share a relaxed and intimate musical journey and afternoon concert.
There will be moments to sing together and some songs to travel inward and enjoy.
Time: 14h – 16.30h
Tickets: €20
Refreshments available
Music to Feed to the Heart
With a troubadour free-spirit, and creative passion for life, UK singer-songwriter Carrie Tree sings with an honesty and devoted love for our humanness, touching a deep place inside the hearts of listeners. Creating a deeply intimate setting and with a powerful capacity for storytelling, Carrie takes us on a journey, weaving her soulful voice around guitar and percussion, often touching on poignant subject’s and melting borders within us.
Carrie draws on inspiration from the English forests, as well as her travels through many cultures and landscapes.
Carrie’s musical journey has taken her around the world, playing at countless retreats, festivals, and diverse concerts. She continues to share her brave and beautiful songs, celebrating the depth of connection that music can bring.
“delivered and presented in a way that suggests magic is at work here.” 17 seconds
“Absolutely Awesome” BBC West James Threlfall
“Never less than fascinating, this is quality writing. Recommended” Folking
“ a gift to be savoured like a summer breeze.” For Folks Sake
❋ ❋ ❋ ❋ ❋ ❋
You can connect to carrie’s music through Spotify, Youtube, instagram etc by visiting: www.linktr.ee/carrietree

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